Friday, November 4, 2016

InstaStore Reviews

Expose "Video" component to your Stores and skyrocket sales
90% of the online shoppers at a major retailer's website said they find video attractive making shopping and buying decisions.
A picture of your product on your store will be worth a 1000 words. Now imagine what a video of your product, which is 24 pictures a second, may be worth? You can do the mathematics...
Now you can convert atleast 90% of possible customers who view your products. Get conversion rates you have never dreamed even in your greatest dreams...
Observe how you can use readymade videos to your advantage-and go through the roof sales without breaking a sweat...
InstaStore - a 60-second Amazon + AliExpress affiliate store builder - allows you to use CURATED videos to show-off your products and achieve INSANE conversions.

Now how is that for a feature?
Learn More With InstaStore at:
Special features that will skyrocket your results:

- 60-sec store create (Amazon/AliExpress)

- Automatically transfer curated video reviews

- Easy, Clean store user interface that sells anything

- Ability to change store color scheme as every regional and consumer tastes

- Capacity to translate and create store in any language

Now provide an opponents watchfully nights. Score over them with this progressive idea.
Once hooked, keep them engaged with another feature called GAMIFICATION.
InstaStore Review
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InstaStore Reviews
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